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Volunteer Information

We need as much quality help as we can get to make our sale a success! We will need volunteers to work at all of our drop-off and sale dates. From checking in the merchandise, to setting up for the sale, to helping customers check out, to numerous other tasks, the sale would not be possible without our volunteers!

Volunteering is fun and easy and you can meet so many new people. Plus, you earn a pass to the pre-sale...the perfect way to make sure you can shop early and get the best selection.

We have three volunteer levels, with earlier shopping times for volunteers who work more shifts.

  • Gold volunteers work 3 or more shifts - shop at 4:30.
  • Silver volunteers work at least 2 shifts - shop at 5:00
  • Bronze volunteers work 1 shift - shop at 5:30

If you are interested in volunteering, it's easy to sign up for a shift online. Simply click the "Volunteer Now" link and see what shifts are available. If you have any questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator at

Thank you for your interest in helping make our sale as successful as it can be!