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How To Tag Your Items

Each consignor is responsible for tagging his / her own items.

Place clothing items on a hanger with hanger facing to the left, like a question mark. All two-piece items should be pinned together. Pants should be pinned securely to the hanger. We cannot be responsible for items that fall off of hangers.

Once you have prepared your items, enter them on our website. Please be as descriptive as possible when entering your item description. For example, don't just put "shirt". Enter "carter's pink frog shirt" instead. To make tagging easier, it is best to keep your items in the order that you entered them online.

When you are done entering your inventory, follow the links in the "My Account" drop-down box to print your tags. Tags should be printed on cardstock.

Please note: Our tags will be printing with BARCODES, so please ensure your printer is NOT on "draft" or "quick" printing. If the barcodes on your items will not scan due to poor print quality, you will have to re-tag your items with new tags.

Cut apart your tags, being careful to keep them in the order you entered them on the website.

Using safety pins or a tagging gun (no straight pins, please), secure each tag to the upper left shoulder of the item (this is the right side as you are looking at the item's front), printed side of tag facing out. If you use a tagging gun, please tag in the seam or selvage to avoid large holes in the clothing. Pin through the area on the tag that says, "pin."

Tagging rules for special items:

  • Shoes should be securely fastened together (zip tie or large safety pin). Securely pin the tag to the shoes. Pinning through the laces or lace holes is usually a good way to do it, depending on the type of shoe.
  • Bedding should be placed in a Ziploc Big Bag and tag should be taped to the inside of the bag so that shoppers can read it.
  • Baby equipment and other large items/toys should have the tag taped to the item using packing tape in a secure and noticeable location. Please don't use regular tape as it will tear off easily.
  • Toys should be packaged with all pieces together. Tape items together with packing tape, or bag smaller pieces in a large ziploc bag. Using zip ties is another good way to secure pieces of large toy items. Tape the tag to the item or to the bag with packing tape.
  • DVDs should be in their case. Please do not tape the case closed, as we will inspect it at drop-off. We will tape it closed at that time.
  • If you have questions about how to package or tag a specific item, please email us at