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Consignor Information

Thank you for your interest in consigning with Little Feet Consignment Sale. By consigning with us you are playing a huge role in ministry by providing great items for people who may not be able to afford these items otherwise, as well as helping us raise more money for missions!! We cannot thank you enough, for this sale would not be possible without you!

Other than your work to further God’s kingdom through this sale, there are also other advantages to being a consignor.

  • Consignors will receive 70% of the sales price of their items sold.
  • Consignors have the opportunity to choose if they’d like for a greater percentage of the sales price to go to missions when signing up.
  • Consignors have the opportunity to shop at the presale on Thursday! (Want to shop even earlier? Volunteer!! Volunteers get to shop before anyone else!)
  • Consignors have the opportunity for their unsold items to be sold at the half-price sale on Saturday afternoon.
  • Consignors have the opportunity to donate any unsold items to various ministries around Jackson (But God Ministries, Center for Pregnancy Choices, Baptist Children’s Village, Mission First, etc). Consignors will be able to print out a receipt for tax purposes for all items donated.

To consign:

  1. If you are already registered as a user of this site (you have consigned, volunteered, or shopped with us before), simply sign in with your username. If you are new to Little Feet, register here!
  2. In the My Account drop-down box, click Register for this sale.
  3. After you are registered for the sale, enter your inventory using the link in the My Account drop-down box.
  4. Once all of your inventory is entered, print your tags using cardstock. Once tags are printed, simply attach the tags to your items.
  5. Schedule an appointment to drop-off your items. (You may schedule an appointment before all of your items are entered, but all items must be entered and tagged by the time of your appointment).
  6. Monitor your progress during the sale!
  7. Make sure to SHOP!!!

You only need 5 acceptable items to qualify as a consignor! To shop the presale as a consignor you only need 10 acceptable items or a $30 value on the items entered. You can enter your inventory as soon as you register, or come back later to enter items. Each consignor is responsible for entering, pricing and tagging their own items.

All item drop-off will be in the CLC at First Baptist Church, Jackson. All consignors must schedule an appointment for drop-off by clicking the link in the My Account drop-down box. Appointments will be available during all regular drop-off times on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Consignor Fee: There is a $10 consignor fee which will be deducted from your check at the end of the sale. If your total proceeds are $10 or less, no check will be cut. If a consignor chooses the Donate All option for unsold items at the end of the sale, the consignor fee will be reduced to $5. Consignor checks will be mailed the week after the sale.